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Turn your link into artistic QR
Experience seamless engagement with our artistic QR codes – a captivating fusion of design and functionality. Instantly convey messages or brand identity in a visually stunning way, leaving a lasting impression on your users.

How it works

Enter your URL
Scanning the code will reveal/redirect the user to this URL.
Define the aesthetic of your QR code. For a marathon, envision a central focus on an athlete in motion against a blurred background. Incorporate keywords like painting, black & white, 3D, or isometric for added depth. Optimal prompts often feature diverse objects and contrasts for enhanced visual appeal.
Creativity control and generate
Adjust the slider towards 1 for a sleek, scannable QR code appearance. However, feel free to lean towards 0 for a more artistic touch. We enhance the scannibility by fixing the bad black and white square boxes in QR/image. The value of the slider also depends on prompt. Some prompts are starts looking like a QR at a low value.


Simple, transparent and affordable.

For each credit, you get one artistic QR code. 🚀
Basic pass
30 credits, valid for 7 days
Auto-improve QR scannibility
Download without watermark
Express pass
200 credits, valid for 90 days
Auto-improve QR scannibility
Download without watermark
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